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Making an impact on interprofessional perception amongst future nurses and pharmacists

You have seen with numerous posts in the past but also in recent publications the need and the call for increased collaboration between different parts of the health care team. This includes pharmacists and nurses, whether it be at the community level or within a hospital setting. Recently, we published a short report on the… Read More »

Report Review: The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health Mental Health Taskforce, England, UK Date: February 2016, Number of pages: 82 Link: https://bit.ly/1Lp9kD3     Review by Carline Core, Department of Psychology, Concordia University, Edmonton This report is a guide written by the independent Mental Health Taskforce for initiating change in England’s current mental health services… Read More »

Research Note: The Need for Interprofessional Coordination of Care for Recently Discharged Patients

Authors and affiliations – see bottom of article   Introduction A major component of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s attempt to improve primary care practices has been care coordination post-hospital discharge (McDonald 2007, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2014). The transition between the hospital discharge and resuming of care by the primary… Read More »

Research Note: A novel approach to facilitate a collaborative simulation experience for occupational therapy students

Authors: Christina Keller MSN, RN, CHSE Instructor, Radford University Clinical Simulation Center email: cdkeller@radford.edu Katrina Watson MSN, RN Instructor, Radford University Clinical Simulation Center   Introduction The occupational therapy (OT) faculty at Radford University, USA along with the nursing faculty at the university’s clinical simulation center partnered to conduct a simulation learning experience for graduate… Read More »