Monthly Archives: October 2014

Minding the gap: Prioritization of care issues among nurse practitioners, family physicians and geriatricians when caring for the elderly

Accumulating health problems of the elderly requires recognition of geriatric syndromes, while shifting away from a conventional disease-specific approach.  Moore and colleagues recently surveyed 179 practitioners representing Family Physicians (FPs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and geriatricians in Ontario, in order to quantify how they prioritize syndromes, diseases and conditions in the elderly. Identifying differences may inform… Read More »

Student reflections following exposure to a case-based interprofessional learning experience: Preliminary findings

Goldberg et al.’s recent study analyzed students’ written reflections following their initial exposure to interprofessional teamwork in case-based problem-solving. A three-hour seminar featuring three sequenced scenarios was developed and offered 12-times over two semesters. A total of 305 students from a variety of healthcare programs worked together with standardized patients in an on-campus laboratory simulating… Read More »

Interprofessional mental health training in rural primary care: Findings from a mixed methods study

The benefits of interprofessional care in providing mental health services have been widely recognized, particularly in rural communities where access to health services is limited. There continues to be a need for more continuing interprofessional education in mental health intervention in rural areas. There have been few reports of rural programs in which mental health… Read More »