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Report Review: Lessons from the Field: Promising InterprofessionalCollaboration Practices

In this report the authors have written engaging and educational chapters that identify the practices and guidelines of interprofessional collaboration. The report is directed towards an audience who is involved or interested in the health care field, and looking for more information on improving collaboration based on a health care model of the United States. The report focuses on identifying interprofessional collaboration in practice and the day-to-day activities health care organizations put into the concept of interprofessional collaboration. The authors of this report use a format and writing style that is easy to understand for… Read More »

Blog Article: Lessons Learned from the Development of an Annual Multi-Institutional Interprofessional Service Learning Health Expo

Lessons Learned from the Development of an Annual Multi-Institutional Interprofessional Service Learning Health Expo Raymond Higbea (1), Jodie Elder (2); Katie Branch (1) (1) Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (2) Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Introduction To ensure that tomorrow’s healthcare professionals are prepared for and empowered to make future practice integration changes, today’s healthcare students must not only be witnesses… Read More »

Book Review: Collaborative Caring: Stories and Reflections on Teamworkin Health Care

Teamwork is an important topic in health care organizations today. While there are many theoretical books that explore the issues of teamwork in a health care setting, the practical application of theory into practice continues to be increasingly complex. Teamwork is integral to providing quality patient care that is both efficient in minimizing costs and resources, and effective in decreasing errors and injuries. This book discusses the topic of teamwork and its nature in… Read More »