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Reflections on COVID-19 and the impact on Health Care Professionals from a Retired First Responder

Guest post by: Rob Bull, B.Sc (Bio), B.Sc (For), B.Ed (Sec) Retired Police Officer and Firefighter Canada Avid Interprofessional Supporter and Health Care Professional Advocate In retrospect, my experience as a policeman and fireman dealing with life and death situations was very minimal compared to the daily struggles that doctors, nurses, allied health, support, and… Read More »

Guest post: Reduction of Harm Through Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

Guest post by Rick Iedema, Professor & Director of the Centre for Team-based Practice & Learning in Health Care at King’s College London. Read more about Rick at the bottom of this post. Interprofessional learning, collaborative practice and integrated care are now at the forefront of healthcare policy makers’ priorities. However, these policy priorities come… Read More »

Can Video Analysis Help Determine How Teams Influence Leadership in Maternity Care Settings?

Across the globe approximately 810 women die every day due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Factors such as poverty and gender equality play a huge role, however, we must still invest in training midwives and in making emergency obstetric care available 24hrs a day. Of course, the structure of this investment varies,… Read More »

Guest Blog: Producing Digital Stories as a new IPE resource for teaching and learning

  By Richard Gray & Elizabeth Howkins (Biographies at end of post)   The Background Stories help people make sense of experiences – their own and others. They can be a particularly beneficial way for participants to process difficult, confusing or painful experiences, and to share those experiences with others. Digital stories are short, multi-media… Read More »

Interprofessional Education and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa

This year the journal was privileged to work together with members of the Africa Interprofessional Education Network (AfrIPEN) to deliver a themed issue collecting work from the region. This is a first for the journal, building on the legacy and current motivations of many involved with the journal, bringing and publishing research from regions that… Read More »