Summary: Assessing interprofessional competence using a prospective reflective portfolio

By | 8th May 2015

The assessment of interprofessional competence or capability following interprofessional education (IPE) remains essential if we are to ensure future practitioners who are able to work in teams and collaborate for improved health outcomes. Any IPE curriculum must design and describe its theoretical stance and this also applies to how learning will be assessed.

A recent study by Sezer Domac, Liz Anderson, Michelle O’Reilly and Roger Smith addressed the use of an IPE portfolio by students across 10 professions as a flexible framework for students to demonstrate their learning. Using a qualitative approach, the completed portfolios of a proportion of students from medicine, social work, and speech and language therapy were read, and a sub-set of students were interviewed to gain their perceptions of this assessment process. 

The study highlights how emotional and cognitive learning triggers lead to new understandings for collaborative practice reached only because students were able to reflect on their experiences. The portfolio is now summative and includes other assessment components.

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