Interprofessional teamwork research – part 1

By | 18th April 2011

While there is a growing research literature on interprofessional teamwork, much of it consists of unproblematised accounts of health and social care teams.  For example, many studies rely on locally developed surveys or on data drawn from interviews with team members. These insights have provided a normative view of teamworking.  Furthermore, most evaluations rest upon an assumption that teamwork is essentially a positive and functional way to organise the delivery of health and social care.  Few studies offer a critical view of teamwork which draws upon dimensions of power, hierarchy and gender.  Interprofessional teamwork should be seen as a concept which describes a complex and contingent approach to the organisation of multiple professionals. 
(Scott Reeves, Editor-in-Chief)
To read more see: Reeves S, Zwarenstein M, Espin S, Lewin S (2010) Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care. Blackwell-Wiley, London.