Book Review: The multidisciplinary intervention of people with diverse needs: A training guide for teachers, students, and professionals

By | 27th January 2021

The multidisciplinary intervention of people with diverse needs: A training guide for teachers, students, and professionals

Author(s) or Editor(s) name; Samuel Honorio, Marco Batista, Helena Mesquita, Jaime Ribeiro
Place of publication and publisher; Singapore, Bentham Science Publishers Pte. Ltd
Date; 2020
Number of pages; 178
Price, in either UK Sterling or US Dollars, or other currency if applicable;
ISBN number; 978-981-14-4677-1

Review by Bianca Romano, Student, Concordia University of Edmonton

The multidisciplinary intervention of people with diverse needs: A training guide for teachers, students, and professionals is a gemlike paragon filled with new ideas and intervention methods to insightfully interact and facilitate support to people with diverse needs. Uniquely this interdisciplinary perspective incorporates expansive research thus delivering incisive approaches, practices, methodologies inclusive to dementia, language disorders, diabetes, alterations of consciousness, celiac disease and several other disabilities. Delivered to a diverse audience, this text efficiently speaks to the minds and hearts of various professions and students, providing valuable insight and wisdom to meet a variety of needs.  This research-based text is composed of data gathered mostly from Portugal, but internationally unifies the complexities involved with the diverse needs and issues, providing effectual and practicable approaches.

The aim of this book is to provide enhanced foundational knowledge to develop the best approaches in relation to meaning, evaluation and intervention for individuals with different health needs. Through the intertwining of past and present knowledge along with a practical approach to each topic, the necessity of forming an updated perspective on intervention plans is justified. The book challenges new ways of thinking and practicing through the organization of broad and specific topics discussed throughout ten chapters. Each chapter concisely unfolds the struggles one with a disability may face to highlight the importance of awareness for the potential advancement of knowledge for each health need. The start of each chapter highlights the main points to prime the reader for what will be examined in depth in the chapter along with keywords and clarifications of certain uncommon concepts. Effectively, the chapters are expanded upon with the use of subcategories for the inclusiveness of important details for a deeper understanding of the topic. At the end of each chapter there are concluding remarks which summarize the main projection of considerations for intervention to provide the best improvement of each health need.

A distinctive quality of this book can be seen in the practical application of new data and application of new suitable theories to be implemented. Each chapter includes thorough examples of intervention plans that could take place for each special case of an individual. These examples present scientific data to confirm the purpose for that approach. Most chapters consist of a chart incorporated in the development of the text to provide a visual representation of the breakdown of the effects of certain issues related to that topic. If any professional decides to encompass the wide range of intervention ideas in their practice, there are plenty of resources that can be found within the book for further reference.

Overall, the book accomplishes a comprehensive summary for the targeted audiences of the variety of specialized interventions to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs. With the ideal amalgamation of conceptual and viable inferences, it proposes students, professionals, and teachers with the structured framework of the essential knowledge recommended for the development of further training, evaluation, and purposeful interventions when necessary. I would recommend this book for anyone who is involved in the lives of those with special needs as the search for an enriched life that can be attained through multiple levels of support.