Book Review: Leadership and Collaboration: Further Developments for InterprofessionalEducation

By | 30th September 2015

This book aims to provide students, educators and clinicians alike the latest advances in international leadership in interprofessional educationpractice and collaboration. Fifteen chapters, written by a variety of authors from different healthcare professions and nine countries combine to produce a very practical guide for readers of all types.


Leadership theories are defined and connections are made to collaborative practice. The book highlights the importance of appropriate leadership styles for successful interprofessional collaboration, which results in higher quality patient care and efficiencies. The authors address the increasing need to recognize that health care demands cannot be met without changing how healthcare workers are educated and practice.  


Students and educators will discover a well-organized text with useful tables to help navigate the book by country, leadership model or topic.  A directory of additional readings is provided along with numerous references, list of helpful definitions and a detailed index to assist in furthering one’s learning. Clinicians will find practical examples of implementation of interprofessional collaborative projects in both academic and health care settings, along with the challenges and lessons learned which help guide one’s own project development.  


The book is divided into three distinct parts allowing readers to access topics as desired.  Part one delineates theoretical frameworks on the development of interprofessional leadership and interprofessional practice internationally, part two is clinical in nature outlining stories of collaborative developments taking place in a variety of countriesand part three provides additional stories of recent innovations both in leadership and interprofessional collaboration.


The editors have produced an extremely well organized and structured text. The chapters are authored by different writers offering a variety of writing styles, perspectives, and levels of detailOverall this book provides an excellent mix of theoretical and practical information linking leadership theories, interprofessional collaboration and healthcare delivery from an international perspective. Contents assist healthcare students, educators and practitioners to address emerging healthcare needs for greater interprofessional collaborative education and practice with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare delivery worldwide.


Reviewed by

Shelly Bercovitch, BSc(PT), MHM (candidate), McMaster University, Acting Chief Physiotherapy, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada 


Leadership and Collaboration: Further Developments forInterprofessional Education

Dawn Forman, Marion Jones & Jill Thistlethwaite, editors

New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015

257 pages, $115.00

ISBN: 978-1-137-43207-0