Monthly Archives: September 2015

Book Review: Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

Benard Moss is an Emeritus Professor from the Social Work Education and Spirituality department at Staffordshire University. The goal of the textbook is to enhance essential communication skills for students and team members to promote best practice. The textbook is aimed at social workers but reference to probation officers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, teachers, police officers, youth workers, advice workers, and faith community leaders is also included. Moss engages his readers with a… Read More »

Book Review: Leadership and Collaboration: Further Developments for InterprofessionalEducation

This book aims to provide students, educators and clinicians alike the latest advances in international leadership in interprofessional education, practice and collaboration. Fifteen chapters, written by a variety of authors from different healthcare professions and nine countries combine to produce a very practical guide for readers of all types.   Leadership theories are defined and connections are made to collaborative practice. The book highlights the importance of appropriate leadership styles for successful interprofessional collaboration, which results in higher quality patient care… Read More »

Conference Report: Developing Multiprofessional Health Educators of the Future

“Developing Multiprofessional Health Educators of the Future” was a radical new conference that brought together healthcare workers from across the range of professional backgrounds, levels of experience and educational modalities. It considered multiple good practice initiatives for healthcare educators, trainees and students.   The conference was planned jointly between the London and the South East Local Education and TrainingBoards (LETB) and was held on 7 July 2015 at the Kia… Read More »