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Collaboration: What is it like? – Phenomenological interpretation of the experience of collaborating within rehabilitation teams

Great article by: Croker, Trede, & Higgs (The Education For Practice Institute, Charles Sturt University,  Sydney , Australia)Although a core component of many current health-care directions, interprofessional collaboration continues to challenge educators and health professionals. This paper aims to inform the development of collaborative practice by illuminating the experiences of collaborating within rehabilitation teams. The researchers focused on experiences… Read More »

Changes in attitudes toward interprofessional health care teams and education in the first- and third-year undergraduate students

Great article written by: Tomoko Hayashi, Hiromitsu Shinozaki, Takatoshi Makino, Hatsue Ogawara, Yasuyoshi Asakawa, Kiyotaka Iwasaki, Tamiko Matsuda, Yumiko Abe, Fusae Tozato, Misako Koizumi, Takako Yasukawa, Bumsuk Lee, Kunihiko Hayashi, and Hideomi Watanabe. (Gunma University, Japan)The interprofessional education (IPE) program at Gunma University, Maebashi, Japan, implements a lecture style for the first-year students and a training style for the third-year students. Changes in the scores of modified Attitudes Toward… Read More »

Welcome 2012!

Looking back, 2011 has been another successful year for Journal of Interprofessional Care (JIC). This success is expressed in a number of different ways. The editorial office has continued to receive an increasing number of submissions over the past 12 months. Last year, the editorial team processed over 250 articles, editorials, commentaries, reports and reviews. The… Read More »

A cross-institutional examination of readiness for interprofessional learning

Happy New Year from everyone at the Journal of Interprofessional Care! Great article exploring a cross-institutional examination of readiness for interprofessional learning. Written by: Sharla King (Health Sciences Education and Research Commons, University of Alberta,  Edmonton, AB , Canada, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta,  Edmonton, AB , Canada), Elaine Greidanus (Health Sciences Education and Research Commons, University of Alberta,  Edmonton,… Read More »